About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Gilbert Yap and I am a food and restaurant photographer based in the Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville MA area. I am interested in exploring ways to connect local businesses with the diverse, food-loving Boston community.

My photo journey began in highschool, where I covered school events for yearbook club. My camera and a half busted lens went with me everywhere. I moved to Boston for college in 2013 and photography remained a constant throughout the years. Starting my sophomore year of college I started to document my journey as a home cook. To this day, I still do; the eye truly does eat first! Today, I work with food businesses in all over the Boston Metro area and beyond!

I hope that you enjoy the photos I have taken for both professional and personal projects. If you're interested in my services as a freelance food photographer, please feel free to find my contact information in the "Contact Me" page. You can also find me @gilbertyapfood on Instagram.

Past Clients Include:

Local Businesses:

Sweet Waffles + Boba (Boston)

Bruzd Foods (Boston)

Foodega (Lowell)

Nibble Kitchen (Somerville)

Milk + Sugar  (Lowell)


The Infatuation Boston (link 1, link 2, link 3)

Featured In:

Peerspace's 9 Best Boston Food Photographers

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